The Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roof at Celeste in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL – Celeste, a swanky restaurant in River North, boasts a stunning outdoor patio area with a Roll-A-Cover motorized glass roof. The Celeste Chicago retractable roof was designed and installed by Viewpoint Enclosures in Chicago. The popular restaurant on W Hubbard Street is able to use its outdoor patio year-round. This is due to having a Roll-A-Cover retractable skylight. When the weather becomes inclement, the glass roof closes with just the push of a button. Therefore, diners can still dine on the patio with an outdoor ambiance. When the weather permits, the roof opens and turns the patio back into an outdoor space. The restaurant never loses revenue on its patio due to weather.

celeste chicago retractable roof

Celeste Chicago Retractable Roof

The outdoor patio, which is on the 3rd floor rooftop of the restaurant, is very popular among locals. “The roof garden at trendy River North cocktail bar Celeste features open air drinking and dining amid lush greenery,” said Eater Chicago. You feel like you a truly experiencing Chicago and the magic of modern architecture at Celeste Chicago. Additionally, the restaurant can book private events on the patio and never have to worry about canceling due to weather. celeste retractable roof

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“The retractable roof means you can drop in year-round for those well-made seasonal cocktails.” 
– Conde Nast Traveler 

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