The Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roof at The Ready Rooftop Bar in NYC

New York, NY – Recently, The Ready Rooftop, a stunning new rooftop bar atop the Moxy East Village, opened to the public. This colorful bar boasts back-to-back lean-to Roll-A-Cover retractable roofs. Therefore, The Ready can remain open year-round, rain or shine! When the weather becomes inclement, the motorized roofs close. Therefore, guests can still enjoy the sprawling rooftop with a perfect view of the city. the ready retractable roofsWhen the weather permits, the roofs open. Guests are already flocking to this rooftop because of its unique design. Fortunately, The Ready never has to worry about losing revenue on its rooftop due to weather. Additionally, the ability to open its roof is a large selling point. Everyone wants to be outside for proper air ventilation and for a fantastic rooftop ambiance!the ready rooftop bar retractable roofs

As stated in an article in Time Out, “A large, retractable glass roof offers varying experiences based on the weather—transitioning the space from a party-in-a-greenhouse situation to an open-air hang in a matter of seconds.” Due to its state-of-the-art retractable glass roofs, The Ready has a WOW factor that draws patrons every day. If you are in Manhattan, stop by The Ready Rooftop and wine and dine, rain or shine! the ready at moxy retractable roof

Why use your outdoor patio or rooftop space only when the weather permits? Email Roll-A-Cover today at or call us at (203) 393-7292 to get a retractable enclosure design and a quote for your outdoor patio space! 

“There’s even a retractable glass roof so the rooftop can show off panoramic views of the city all year-round.” – Secret NYC

the ready rooftop retractable roof

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