‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Reilly’s Public House Retractable Enclosure, Piermont, NY

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Piermont, NY – Roll-A-Cover recently manufactured and installed a retractable patio enclosure and fixed glass railing at Reilly’s Public House in Piermont, New York. Prior to this installation, the restaurant was unable to utilize its outdoor patio space in the winter months and during inclement weather. Now, the retractable enclosure allows the restaurant to remain […]

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Restaurant Retractable Roofs Enhance Restaurant Outdoor Patios

Posted 07.14.20 By: | Categories: Roll-A-Cover

Restaurant Retractable Roofs Enhance Outdoor Patios Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant retractable roofs allow for year-round use of a restaurant’s outdoor patio space. Firstly, when the weather becomes inclement, outdoor patios are unusable, which eliminates a large amount of a restaurant’s seating. However, with just the push of a button, Roll-A-Cover’s retractable roofs open and close. Therefore, the […]

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Maximize Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Seating with a Retractable Roof & Satisfy Covid-19 Guidelines

Posted 05.29.20 By: | Categories: Roll-A-Cover

Maximize Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Seating with a Retractable Roof & Satisfy Covid-19 Guidelines Is social distancing reducing your restaurant’s seating capacity? Well, Roll-A-Cover has the perfect solution for that. Maximize your restaurant’s outdoor seating with a Roll-A-Cover retractable roof. Covid-19 restaurant reopening guidelines in Chicago include outdoor spaces and rooms with retractable roofs. Therefore, restaurant’s […]

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Invest in a Retractable Enclosure for Your Restaurant

Posted 04.22.20 By: | Categories: Roll-A-Cover

Invest in a Roll-A-Cover Retractable Enclosure for your Restaurant Today! Roll-A-Cover understands that your business is being greatly impacted financially from COVID-19.   Your outdoor patio is about to become a valuable resource for your business!   WHY IS THAT? – Everyone will want to be outdoors after being forced inside.   – Your outdoor […]

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Roll-A-Cover’s Commercial Patio Enclosures for Restaurants

Posted 03.02.20 By: | Categories: Roll-A-Cover

Roll-A-Cover’s Commercial Patio Enclosures for Restaurants What is a Commercial Patio Enclosure for Restaurants? Commercial patio enclosures for restaurants are retractable enclosures that open and close manually or via motorization. The retractable roof closes in seconds when the weather becomes inclement, which allows patrons to sit on a restaurant’s outdoor patio no matter the weather. In conclusion, […]

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Cinder Bar Restaurant and Retractable Glass Room is Officially Open!

Posted 12.17.19 By: | Categories: Roll-A-Cover

Williamstown, NJ- This week, Cinder Bar, a popular restaurant in New Jersey, opened its second location in Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ. Cinder Bar is a contemporary restaurant with craft brews and a large outdoor patio space. This new location has a spectacular new Roll-A-Cover retractable glass enclosure on its outdoor patio. This particular retractable […]

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Cinder Bar Retractable Enclosure Opening Soon!

Posted 09.10.19 By: | Categories: Roll-A-Cover

Williamstown, NJ- Roll-A-Cover recently installed a retractable enclosure at Cinder Bar in Williamstown, New Jersey. This second Cinder Bar location is opening soon. Cinder Bar is a popular contemporary restaurant with great craft beers and excellent food. This Williamstown location features a large outdoor patio space. The patio space will be a year-round patio space […]

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