‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Rraci’s Restaurant, Motorized Roof and Rolling Walls, Brewster, NY

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Brewster, NY – This week’s ‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’ is the retractable roof and wall system at Rraci’s Restaurant in Brewster, NY. This stunning Italian restaurant has an incomparable garden area that is open 365-days-a-year! On bad weather days, the motorized skylight closes with the push of a button and diners can still dine in the garden […]

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Roll-A-Cover, Intl. Wins Chrysalis National Remodeling Award

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Roll-A-Cover, Intl. Wins Chrysalis National Award for Commercial Remodeling Excellence  Roll-A-Cover, Intl. won the Chrysalis National Award for Commercial Remodeling Excellence. The award-winning project is the motorized retractable roof and retractable walls at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ. 70 companies from across the United States are winners at the 2021 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence. […]

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Motorized Skylight with Sliding Glass Walls Adds Architecturally Pleasing Design

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Motorized Skylight with Sliding Glass Walls Adds Architecurally Pleasing Design A Roll-A-Cover motorized skylight with sliding glass walls creates a year-round usable outdoor space for commercial and residential applications. These applications are highly architecturally and aesthetically pleasing designs. The enclosed outdoor space can be open or closed in moments, either manually or via motorization. Outdoor […]

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‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Sunny Atlantic Beach Club Retractable Enclosure

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Every Wednesday, ‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’ spotlights a favorite Roll-A-Cover project. Atlantic Beach, NY – In honor of the arrival of summer, this week’s “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” is the retractable enclosure at the stunning Sunny Atlantic Beach Club in Atlantic Beach, NY! This intricate enclosure encloses the Boardwalk Cafe at this popular beach club in Long Island.  It […]

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